28 January 2009

A T-shirt that says "Baby Electricity".

Here is the request from Dawn Schot Klotzbach. Plain and simple, a T-shirt that says "Baby Electricity".
This story goes back years, to a nap from which Dawn woke herself up screaming and demanding "I want a T-shirt that says "Baby Electricity" on it". I don't think she completely remembers the dream that prompted this, but the speculations could be endless. Where to start. A power station with toddlers crawling fast in wheels? Want-to-be mothers aligning their fertility to the pulls of the magnetic fields of the Earth? Questionable scientists sneaking into nurseries with a Tesla Coil and giggles? But, the question is, why would any of these things be commemorated on a lousy T-shirt?
However you interpret it, here is the T-shirt I painted. I decided to make it old and crappy and well loved and probably a little smelly. It hangs on a nail that is pounded into void. Maybe it used to be Dawn's favorite party T-shirt but now she just sleeps in it, letting the baby electricity just seep in through her pores. I don't know, you'll have to ask her.


Anonymous said...

that's weird...I've often woken up in the middle of the night screaming that exact same phrase

Kevin said...

this is the closest i could find:


Dawn SK said...

Yey! After all these years, I finally get what my subconscious demanded from the world. Maybe some old ghosts will now be put to rest. I think a prominent spot in my bedroom is appropriate.

Elizabeth said...

I shudder to think of the paintings one would make from my crazy dreams!! It's a cool one though!