09 February 2009

Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

Yes, the word "buffalo" written eight times with a period at the end really is a grammatically correct sentence. It seems the word "buffalo" can be used as many ways. Annie Kalow taught me this when she commission this tiny piece giving only the buffalo sentence and a Wikipedia link as a guide for the painting.
The sentence means something like a buffalo buffaloes(bullies) another buffalo in Buffalo. There is not a lot of occasion to use it in daily conversations.
I was excited and intimidated by the vagueness of this request. I got stuck for a little bit, which I can't do in this project. So, I just plowed through and approached it literally. Two buffaloes getting Buffalo with one another in front of the Buffalo, New York skyline. Only I decided to put them on a rooftop because it brings them closer to the recognizable tops of the buildings, and because I thought it was funny.
I finally changed my pallet (though all the paint was miraculously still wet)because things were getting too messy. I still had a lot of pink on it left over from the aquarium painting. It's nice to have a clean palate.
However, I had trouble keeping my lines clean because my trusty #2 round brush is getting raggedy from all of this tiny painting. I'll need to replace it. The smallest brush I've been using is a 0000. It looks like one fat hair. I originally bought it to make the needles on an acupuncture painting I did a couple of years ago. Now it comes in handy.

Here is more linguistic info about the buffalo phenomenon that Annie linked me to.

My next commission has an even vaguer request. I'm preparing my brain and I'll post it on Friday.

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