31 January 2011

Before the Dogs Hula...

This is a preliminary sketch of a painting for Heidi, who won a Panda Gift Certificate at the Bridge for Youth fundraiser last fall. The Bridge is a youth shelter in South Minneapolis and Panda Licking on a Light Bulb has contributed to their silent auction for the past couple of years. (Here is a link to last year's winner...)

Heidi's request was just a single sentence. "I'd like a painting of a traditional hula dancer dancing for a group of dogs."
I can do that. But I'm not sure exactly why she wants this painting. I assume it is meant to be just plain funny and I'm going that way with it... but could it be a social commentary? Right? And why did I automatically assume she wanted a female hula dancer. There are certainly Big Hunky Polynesian Dude Hula Dancers as well.

Interesting thoughts... but I think this is on the right track. If I'm off, please tell me, Heidi!


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