07 January 2011

Beth's Deviled Egg Drawing

Beth wasn't too excited about my preliminary sketch for her painting request, Deviled Egg Lassoing a Horse, so, she took matters into her own hands and did her own drawing. That's my Beth!
Beth' s Drawing
I have to admit that it is much better than mine. However, the horse does look a little like a fox with a mane.

It turns out she wanted the horse and the egg to be friends. I initially thought the Deviled Egg Cowboy was earnestly trying to wrangle a wild runaway horse. ...but this makes more sense....(?)

I honestly do love the way Beth draws.  I sometimes ask her to do drawings for my other blog, The Id Detangler, and they are always great.
About a year and a half ago, Beth had some ideas about a painting I was making for repeat Panda participant Leon Mott. She thought I should add hands holding lighters in the air (like a monster ballad was playing) in the foreground. For some reason I disagreed. Beth thought she should make her own version of the painting. I gave her a piece of wood, just like I use, and handed over my paints. Beth drew it quickly and confidently and then painted for about 20 minutes and stopped. The break hasn't ended yet. I think she realized painting is harder than it looks. (But she told me painting is boring. I do kind of agree...) 

Anyway, I will be taking Beth's drawing strongly into consideration while I make this painting... We'll see what happens!