27 January 2011

The Deviled Egg Has Successfully Lassoed the Horse!

Here is my final painting for Deviled Egg Lassoing a Horse. This one was tricky in deciding how realistic I should go here. I'm making a painting so it should be a full painting not just a cartoon. BUT, for a painting it is a slightly unusual subject matter. You have to really be  illustrative and clear as to what is happening. No one is going to just say, "Oh, yeah, deviled egg and horse".
I must admit, I like Beth's quick line drawing better than my final product. In many ways it makes more sense for something this goofy to exist in that form. However, I was obligated to make a painting here. So why not take the subject seriously. It is set it in a typical romanticized Western background. I wanted the painting to seem earnest.
I did put a goofy smile on the horse's mouth to add the "they are pals just goofing around" narrative that Beth had requested.

But here's an alternate, more action filled narrative...

The Deviled Egg was hired on to capture the runaway horses of a wealthy Texas Oil Baron.  The Oil Baron took a big chance on hiring a Deviled Egg to do this important job, but he liked the cut of the egg's jib. In this scenario, we would see the Egg really sweating to prove his worth. He would realize he was representing his entire race. Can he do it???

... but instead they are just having a fine time in the sun. Nothing wrong with that!
So it is what it must be. Deviled Egg. Horse. Lasso.

My next painting request is a hula dancer... dancing with dogs. I'll post the drawing within the week...

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General Ahydeeuh said...

It makes me hungry for breakfast. Not sure if its the horse or the egg. Either way, nice work. Congratulations on two years! Chronia Polla!