03 February 2011

Hula Dancer Performing for Dogs!

Here is the final painting for Heidi. "A painting of a traditional hula dancer dancing for a group of dogs". I think I got all the elements here. And I think it turned out lovely.

As you can see I've made some changes. I changed the dancer's pose to create a better sense of motion. I also fixed her proportions.
Initially, her arms were too long and shoulders to low and her coconut bikini landed in an awkward place. I find that people will be fairly forgiving with unusual proportions on figures... as long as it doesn't involve boobs. If you mess those up, everyone becomes Sigmund Freud. 

So, What's the story behind this painting? I don't know.
A dancer in training practicing at an upscale Hawaiian dog park? Could be.
A Hula Dancer who added throwing raw steaks into the audience as a way to promote her show? Less likely, but why not?
I guess it's up to you!

Thank you, Heidi! Dropping it in the mail today!

1 comment:

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